Have Miracles and Healings Ceased ?

The Jordan Valley

tjv_miracles_and_healings-652695Reading: Mark 2:1-12 

Four people carry a sick person to Jesus. Due to palsy his life is restricted to bed and his world is very small. For many reasons we too restrict our lives. These four people help him come out of his small world. They carry him to Jesus, the creator of mankind and universe but are unable to enter the house where Jesus was preaching the word because of the crowd. Amazingly no one in the crowd was willing to give way for the bed-ridden sick man. But those four ignored the stubborn nature of the crowd and decided to carry him through the roof top. People may become a stumbling block in our way when we do God’s will but God will lift us up high.

“…………... When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a…

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