June 2018

well-Balanced messages brother. May God use you mighitily for His Kingdom.


Dear brother and sister in Christ,


I am thanking God for yet another opportunity to connect with you through this short letter. I hope that this letter would meet you in good health. We live in modern times where abnormal are considered normal and normal, abnormal. Human beings are created to suit best when they are close to nature. Unfortunately, we made a society that took us away from the nature, naming it conveniently as development. When you live a normal living, it becomes almost surprising in the so called developed beings’ eyes. It would be surprise if you do not have smart phone and do not spend your time on social networking apps. It would be a surprise if you are 40 years and do have normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It would be surprising in the eyes of modern beings if you are in 50s…

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