Plague on Israel was Stopped – II Samuel 24:25

Dear all,

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Phil 1: 2

Word: II Samuel 24:25 says that “David built an altar to the Lord there and sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then the Lord answered his prayer in behalf of the land, and the plague on Israel was stopped.”


We are here to intervene like Abraham (Genesis 18), Daniel (Daniel 9), Esther (Esther 8) and our LORD Jesus Christ (John 17). Let us stand in the gap for God’s healing touch on people’s hearts (Ezekiel 22:30) and may God hear our prayers and let this plague be stopped by Him.

The Lord of the Armies is with us. We stand still and know that He is God! (Psalms 46:9-11).

Have a Victorious walk in Christ

The Journey Team

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