From Caterpillar To Butterfly

The Jordan Valley

Seeing a bunch of caterpillars crawling on the ground, I often used to wonder how does this ugly creature transform into an eye-catching colourful butterfly. People love catching the beautiful winged insect and try to keep them in the palm of their hands but no one wants to touch a caterpillar. God cleanses us by the blood of His Son and has engraved our transformed image in His palm (Isaiah 49:16). When we see a butterfly, we forget its past stage and don’t fully appreciate the process that transforms them but enjoy the outcome of the transformation.

When we witness miracles in the life of people, we only look at the result of their faith but fail to observe how their faith worked out for the miracle to happen. People who are aware of the worth of the caterpillars, harvest them during their cocoon stage to produce silk. The silky…

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